By strawhouse


Miss L is very bendy!
Work first thing this morning and then I went to my mum's for the rest of the day.
I needed to go to Sainsbury's to get Miss L some gluten free pork pies. She loves them!!
We trawled round all the charity shops where I bought lots of new pictures (which can be added to the stack of pictures which we haven't hung up), a new scarf (because you can't have enough!), some new baby books for my work toy stash, and some new books for me. Then it was to M&S for some lentils and wild rice (which we're a bit addicted to) and some reduced pea and ham soup (because we're all about a bargain!)
Then we staggered home with all our treasures. My bags were so heavy I could barely unclaw my fingers by the time we got there!!!
While I had a quick bath Miss L showed me all the 'fitness stuff' they've been doing in PE. It was exhausting just watching her!! And even more exhausting once she's progressed onto headstands and the crab!

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