Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Mom's Book

Happy Birthday to my Mom….she would have been 113 today, along with her twin sister.   I’ve been percolating making a book about her for a very long time…so decided to stop “gathering” and as all advice on creativity tells us, just START!  today!  And record it , so I’ll have a beginning reference.   

Don’t want a  biography, altho I‘ll probably put some bits of background.  I want to use the stufftreasures I have from her and my own memories and stories about these things and pictures.  Organizing is daunting me, so the pages will be made separate and then sewn together in whatever order I like, (she would like the sewing..she was more expert than I!)  using the leftover cardboard from all my slide carousel boxes, so 7x7in.     The monogrammed damask napkin has to make it’s appearance..I think to wrap the cover… Ethel was an excellent hostess of many dinner parties I can recall with the china, silver and crystal that went with the roast. ( Such a different world that was, from mine :-) )   She was no Joan of Arc but I appreciated her taste in bookplates.  She was 34 when I met her so this is the beginning of our fine and loving relationship for almost 50 years. I was her only child.   Perhaps the back will include a small painting I did of her when she was only a few years older than I am now, with her Brittany spaniel.  (extra)

Seattle is just about back to business ( and school) as usual…for the time being… still some snow not melted ....2nd extra, Tatum's sign.

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