Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Drawing Lena

Fiona Friday! We missed last week because of the snow. After school ( grateful for school!) short trip to REI where she played on the climber she swears she can’t remember. Home for snacks, clay modeling, some chapters in our book, and sewing a bag to keep her many sleep masks in.( she didn’t want to add to her quilt but she did want to make a bag,.. so the quilt is done and covering Lily tonight maybe, and her 25 or more masks have a new place to hang out) some drawing while I am trying to figure out needle felting to make little animals.., she made the pancakes for dinner.
H is in the background getting the Canadian weather news on tv ..we’re still trying to decide if we can go to the island on Sunday. They had much more snow.
Tired now. :-)
The new bag in the extra..

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