Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The Bolt

The Bolt had a super middle school game today…. so fun… more than 20 points (we all lost track), lots of great passes, rebounds and steals!    Wonder what he ate for breakfast..…  and too bad his brother had to work and missed it.  and  I think he’s grown since the last game I saw.     I also loved this (extra) photo of him and his Dad at a break.…just a bit of rarely sought advice from a basketball champion in his own day.   Way to go, Oskar!  (check out #2’s hairdo..rivaling O’s)

We’ve decided to go for it and go up to the island tomorrow…if even for a day or 2 to check things out..boat, pipes, house etc.   Hope some of the snow has melted.   Like our (slightly older) neighbor says, if you don’t have some adventures, you don’t feel like you’re really alive!   Well, not sure about that…. but a small adventure would be OK.

Will put some more photos on flickr for O...missed a lot I was so busy watching!

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