Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The last game (really!)

We’re glad we got home and were able to watch this game of Nik’s against a tough team.  Not sure I could take too many of these in a row… too exciting….it was basically a one point game and they played well but just barely lost it.   The blip is the starting lineup.. Julian, Dominique , Niklas, Aaron and Marcus and coach Brooks…Dominique, Aaron and Marcus are seniors so this is it for them.  Will miss therm.   Put a few action shots in the extra.    #3 of the other team (in white) came out and made 5 or 6 3 pointers in the first couple of minutes and we all thot oh my this is gong to go badly, they were far ahead …. but then the coach put Niklas on him and he shut him down for the rest of the game (no more 3 pointers.) Turned into a game!  Tied at the half.   They could have had it with a couple less misses but it was still exciting to see how far they’ve gotten this year and I just can’t believe they (and the parents!  and the grandparents...) don’t need a bit of a break from basketball.    

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