A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


Another wonderful day but after a week of having a stuffed head with not much happening, last night was when it decided to release and I coughed half the night.

Had coffee at Tittle Tattle this morning and then spent about an hour and a half tidying the garden. Chris has been soup making. I enjoyed being out but then the coughing started again this afternoon.

So many lovely spring flowers now, I found a few clumps of snowdrops I didn't know were there whilst clearing dead plants but I didn’t want to forget the lovely Hellebores. We have two patches of them both cream and pink ones like this and some darker plum coloured ones. Of course they are in the shade and nearly all have their heads down but I still think they are lovely.
So this is my Flower Friday Hellebore.
It’s been a good week, the winter weather may well return but we have walked to the pub at 5.00 pm in daylight and up for our early Thursday walk setting off from home at 7.00am in daylight Definitely turned a corner!
Have a lovely weekend everyone. Think I’ll be coughing my way through mine!

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