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A Load Of Bull

Our daughter’s husband managed to get a ‘work at home’ day today so was able to  take over looking after the poorly ones - although they are not so poorly  today! A relief after three days of travelling up and down to Doncaster

So I had a busy morning at home - stacking and packing fabric and also bottling the latest batch of home-brewed beer. Ninety bottles are maturing at the moment - sadly not ready to drink yet!

We had a bit of a scare with Finlay last night - when we got home from our daughter’s he was lame in one of his back legs - which is not good when you have three legs available in total. We weren’t sure if he had injured himself playing with his toys during the day or during his giddy leap about when we got in. Either way he crying with pain when he tried to walk. I checked for obvious damage and for things stuck in paws - but found nothing. We managed to settle him down for the evening and left him overnight to see if it righted itself. He seemed much better this morning - still a bit stiff but at least not crying.

So I decided that a day of rest was in order for him - thus I had a walk to myself, which felt really strange. I walked along the river bank at Boston Spa and there were some beautiful reflections in the calm water. A couple of extra shots today..

Finlay seems much better this afternoon - hopefully he will be recovered tomorrow.

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