Either crafty or dodgy?
I can't, honestly, say I alternate between the two shops, but I do, from time to time pop into Morrison's. Usually to top up with the odd item or three I can't buy at Sainsbury's.
Unlike Sainsbury's, Morrison's don't bother with the, genuine, "Grocer's" apostrophe, but I do.
As I toddled towards their "Barrow Garages" I thought:-
"Ah, I'm in luck, there's one left."
Except - there wasn't!
They have a coin/token freed shopping trolley system. Once inside, if you need to park while you eat you use a device, on a chain, to release your coin/token to operate the "Garage" door.
Evidently, this shopper had neither coin nor token and had used a small key to release his/her trolly and, since the aforementioned coin/token is required to pass completely through the door mechanism, a key would not pass through and had to be left in place.
The "crafty" is in being able to release a Trolley without the necessary.
The "dodgy" bit is that any unscupulous soul could walk away with the entire contents; which must be worth a LOT more than the £1 or token they'd leave behind if they  swapped Trolleys.
We're, obviously an honest lot, on balance, in this neck o' the woods.
As has been in the past, by me once finding the fron door not only unlocked, but ajar one morning after we'd both been asleep all night.


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