Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Heard of "Glass Ceiling"?

Meet Glass Floor.
When I was rowing in the 1st Eight & 2nd Four at College, I hadn't an ounce of fat on me and weighed 12St-1lb.
Now the deranged Wii expects me to be 10St-5lb.
Now I can freely state I have both lost muscle AND gained a modicum of fat, but come ON!
The horizontal section shows the 13St mark on two consecutive days.
It has happened quite a few times in the past, I break through my glass floor, only to be SHOVED ignominiously back into the real world of what seems to be now called Obesity these days.
"Keep calm and carry on."
Yer WHAT?!?!?

For the benefit of two groups.
1. Those who never discovered delights of "The Stone" - 13St = 182 British Pounds.
2. Those who are fully  metricated - 13St. = 182.55kg

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