Short of water, for once!

We woke up this morning to a distinct lack of water. Apparently there was a burst water main in Lonan Drive, by sheer coincidence, probably, just where a development of 44 houses was proposed, again, after having been refused last year after a big public protest. The developers have applied again after having made certain changes, but it's one of the few green places in a sea of newish houses, much used by local people, and there's even a Facebook vote and a suggestion of a community buyout! We'll see.

Anyway, as a result I put out all the buckets and bowls I could find and we've gathered about 49mm of water during the day! Fortunately the council, or Scottish Water, put out a large stack of bottled water in the McCaig's car park, and presumably elsewhere too, so at least we're not short of drinking water.

I know I promised a more ornamental Blip today, but just to cheer up those Blippers who like a bit of colour, I've put on an extra of a few new characters spotted at Homebase this morning. Which do you prefer - ears up or down? And I didn't touch any of them! Well not those, anyway!

PS We put the washing up out there too, but were forced to bring in as the butler refused to deal with it!

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