Everyday Life

By Julez

Happy Birthday Theo!

Belated as it was his actual birthday on Friday!

This morning wasn't too hectic - just presents to wrap for Theo, including the Spiderman costume he is wearing here, a little trip to Tesco for bits to add to the birthday buffet at Jeri's, and a quick nip to town to get a book as little present for Malachi, since we were also taking a spare computer monitor for Horatio to use. We didn't want Mal to feel like he was the only one we for whom we hadn't taken anything.

We all had an enjoyable time over there, except for Jae who had to miss out due to work. The food was good (Well, the things that didn't contain duck (yuck!) were!) and the boys were all happy with our offerings! 

We are home now, and Bri and I are about to watch the World Club challenge match between our own beloved Wigan Warriors and South Sidney Roosters, the Aussie champions. It will probably be quite a tough game!

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