An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Brooding sky over Broadslap...

We made plans.  

We were going to Glasgow shopping and to look for decorating inspiration for our bedroom and ensuite.  

Just as we were about to leave the house, we looked at each other and without even speaking, knew what the other was thinking.  'Broadslap for lunch?" David asked.  I nodded my reply.

Well a Glasgow trip would have been very rushed as we had to be back before 3pm as it was a swimming day for Alan and D was helping out.

And we definitely made the right decision as after a delicious lunch, the latest addition to L (the manager's) family arrived.  A very cute boy called Ochre (see extras) who is four months old and is all legs and tail.  He reminded me of Bambi.  

We've been looking forward to meeting him for ages and he didn't disappoint.  He is absolutely gorgeous.  He's from a fine working line (the working line of the Golden Retriever breed is darker in colour)  His dad (also owned by L) is a Champion Gun dog and has featured on The One Show.  

He's made me quite broody :-)) 

In other news, the inappropriate birthday card has been posted.  Better late than never :-)))

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