A handful of the stuff that comes out of the dryer to symbolise the state of my sinuses and head and to comply with today's Mono Monday theme STUFF.  Many thanks to laurie54 for hosting Mono Monday this month.

Besides the dryer's fluff (which probably could well be used for stuffing dolls etc) the term 'stuff' made me think of the boys' toys and  the trouble we had after one of our moves. The first time we lived in Singapore in the early 90s the boys were still quite young. They had a lot of toys and certainly a lot of plushies aka stuffed toys. When we moved back from Singapore to The Netherlands and our stuff :-) finally arrived back (it usually took a month or even two  before our furniture/household items reached the other side of the world in containers by boat) we got a note that we were not to unpack anything unless in the presence of customs officers.

We were surprised but as we didn't think  anything unlawful was amongst our things we were also quite curious what had caused Customs to be interested. Turns out they wanted to know what was in the moving box labelled 'Stuffed Animals' ! Written so on the box and the item list by the Singaporean movers ...  Of course that rather large box was somewhere at the back of the container and they weren't taking our word that it was a language mistake, they really had to see each and every item that came out of that moving box, from stuffed Steiff monkeys to stuffed plush apples :-)

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's AT190 results and the catkins in bloom and a twirl !

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