Walking Wombat

By WWombat

Who’s a thirsty Cocky!

There weren’t as many birdies around late this afternoon but this character was lapping it up. I just love to see them gulping the water up and making the most of it. They must get thirsty on days like today.

Beckett kindly called by and collected me this afternoon and drove me down to Mulgrave which is just past his home. I took delivery of “MiniMO” after it had been given a facelift after a bit of a bingle last year. It was just wonderful to see our Motorhome looking as good as new again. No doubt about the Blackheath Blippers, they are willing to step up and help out when we need it and Trisharooni kindly came out to spend time with Catherine so that she could avoid having to tag along for the long drive down and back.

A momentous day tomorrow when Bill from Aircare Engineering in Orange is coming back to fit the special Hand Rail and steel vertical cables on the stairway. We’re quite excited as it will make it so much easier for CCN to traverse her way up AND down to the bedroom. I think we might make ourselves scarce as there will be a bit of a racket while the drilling takes place.

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