There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Danger, Danger: In Which the Book Strikes Back!

We have been spending some of our indoor time in winter reading books. And what adventures we've had! I mentioned yesterday that I have been reading a good book, and the Crittergators decided to get involved by wandering into its pages.

Well, Sunday afternoon was a great time for catching up on some additional chapters. And of course, the Crittergators invaded my book again; his time, they brought some comrades. But let me tell you this, my friends. Once you wander off into a book, nobody can prepare you for what might happen next!

I was photographing the Crittergators and friends with a little creature with horns that decorated the chapter opening. I swear, I only turned away for a second, when I heard a horrible commotion!

According to the Crittergators, who saw it all, the horned creature jumped off the page and attacked the giraffe! The giraffe (a peaceable fellow, by all accounts, and unaccustomed to such a startling burst of violence). fell to the floor with an awful noise, where it split in half. Oh no!

We picked up the pieces and applied some glue and crossed our fingers, but it was touch and go for a while. The giraffe is now resting in the Recovery Ward, and we hope it'll be good as new soon. You think you're having a rough day - imagine the embarrassment at having your butt kicked by an imaginary creature!

There were other dangers to navigate in those pages as well, and you may check the extras for more. "SNAKES! Why'd it have to be snakes!?" the Crittergators appear to be saying to each other (not unlike Indiana Jones, in his own adventures).

Violent and vicious horned creatures? Sneaky snakes? Sheesh! Be very cautious when you open the pages of a book. There are no guarantees that everything that you find inside will treat you kindly; or even that you will be safe from its dangers. Be very, very careful, dear readers, and keep your wits about you. Exercise every good caution when you leap into a book!

The soundtrack is Kenny Loggins, with Danger Zone, from the film Top Gun.

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