Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Other worlds

Today was pretty wet.  I planned a still life for MonoMonday, but somehow couldn't get into it.  So as the rain mostly stopped for a couple of hours this afternoon I decided to go back to the tree bark I'd marked for blipping when Hazel and I walked on Barton Farm on Saturday. 

A row of young beech trees are currently covered in tiny lichens and mosses.  Two years ago some kids set fire to stubble and the trees got pretty shrivelled.  However, they seem to have recovered enough to have had full leaf cover last summer and a great patterning of lichen and tiny mosses.  Even so, I was delighted when I saw in close-up just how much activity is going on.  All those little trumpets are the fruiting bodies between the tiny moss forests.  It's like looking at a landscape from a drone.

Yes, I know, this would have been perfect for TinyTuesday, but I've shot my bolt , haha!  Have a great evening, all  xx

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