a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Mono Monday: Gargoyled

Our third day in Prague, and the sun is still shining but don't tell anyone and it might last a little longer.  This pretty scary gargoyle sits on the St Vitus Cathedral in Prague's castle. I think that this is probably the scariest gargoyle I've come across to date.  If he was to say something, I'm sure that it would be something along the lines "get stuffed" - but probably rather ruder.

In the extras:

1.   A coypu (Nutria) on the banks of the river.  I understand that, not being a native species to Europe, steps are due to be taken to try to eradicate them in this part of the world.
2.   An old town angel caught in a late ray of afternoon sunshine.
3.   Sunset over the Charles Bridge this evening.

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