Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Parsenn Downhill Run

When I woke up this morning and looked out the window...shock, horror, there were a few clouds in the sky! We have been spoilt with cloudless, blue skies all week so it was strange to see clouds again. 

Gavin and I went up the mountain early again - it was so quiet, no queues, no crowds, but I am sure it got a bit busier later on. We were skiing by 8.30am, it was wonderful. Thomas did not join us, the poor boy has mock exams next week so he was working all day.

Gavin encouraged me to try a run today that I have not done in 10 years. It can only be done at this time of year when the snow conditions are just right (other times it is too icy or not enough snow covering the lower areas). It's called the Parsenn Downhill Run and at 12km is said to be the longest run in Europe (not sure if that is true) and it descends 2034m. It starts at 2844m and this image is near the start of the run. It drops below the tree line and goes down the valley and finishes at Kublis, which is a village further down the valley, where we get the train back up the valley home again. The run was icy in parts and rather steep, so although I am pleased I did it today I won't be rushing back to do it tomorrow!

About halfway down we stopped for a quick lunch, you can see the mountain restaurant where we ate in the extra image. Prizes to anyone who can spot Gavin sitting at one of those outside tables!

After we arrived back in the village we went to our favourite cafe for a coffee - sitting outside in the sunshine on their terrace I nearly fell asleep!

Tonight we are planning to watch Roma on Netflix, hope we stay awake!

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