Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


It's been a non-stop day!

When we visited our friends on Saturday, G came away abuzz with ideas to organise the Women's World Day of Prayer for this year. This is an annual event that is usually held on the first day of March. The lady who organised it the last few years has permanently left Dubai and no-one has taken it on. Until now.

This morning, Captain Glenis of the Salvation Army came to our flat to plan the service. It won't be held on the same day as the rest of the world but it will be in March! We finished with a very impromptu lunch - at Chicken Tikka Inn! We finally introduced Glenis to it. She loved it!

A few hours later, we had another meeting, this time about another business idea that we've had. We chatted till it was time to leave (in a hurry) for the Salvation Army meeting, which is where my blip is from! Captain Robert gave a fantastic message on Living Generously. A young couple in the congregation got engaged on Monday, so there was cake at the end, as well as pizza!

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