I dragged Len and Basil out this afternoon once the cloud lifted midday and we were blessed with warm temperatures and marvellous light. It was warm too.

I hadn't been to Attenborough Nature Reserve since New Year's Eve 2013 having been put off by the restrictions on dogs. But today was different simply because of the weather. We were able to sit outside at the picnic tables for coffee and cake and one of us at least was able to mind Basil while the other went into the centre.

There have been starling murmurations at Attenborough this winter which have ceased now. We have to look forward to November 2019 for their return. But there's lots of wild fowl on the water. 

Attenborough is the site of flooded brick pits next to the River Trent at Toton, scheduled to be the site of an HS2 terminal. We shall have to see if that happens. I'm much inclined to agree that money could be better spent improving public rail networks in the north of England. I doubt that Jacob Rees-Mogg ever travels north of Watford except for trips to the grouse moors after the glorious 12th.

Lots of black tufted ducks that were much tamer than those I've seen on Charnwood Water, and I finally got to see a Teal and an Egyptian Goose. Am concerned that the focusing on my x-t2 is not as good as it should be, even at high shutter speed. Canon or Fuji for my photo trip north in two weeks?

I must go again. It was good for Len and me to get out together although I got the impression that he was keen to get home.

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