Hygge is the theme for this week in the 2019 alphabet challenge.

Basil had a grooming appointment at 0900 which was a marvellous opportunity for me to drop into Oakley Grange cafe for breakfast.

Inge, the proprietor, is Danish, and has scattered these elves around the place to add to the ambience. To me, they say, Hygge, a Danish concept.

Read this article for more information on hygge. It's more than just happiness and well-being. Traditionally there was a large social component.

The cafe is housed in what might have been an old barn that was refurbished with EU (!) funds. It's light and airy. I like going there for that reason even though the menu is on the expensive side. But it is an organic cafe so perhaps I should expect that.

Inge and her husband Richard rear pigs, cows and sheep on this organic farm. I bought a shoulder of pork for the Sunday roast before coming away.

The weather has been glorious again. It makes you feel so much better. I lingered until Stacey sent a text saying that Basil was ready. We drove home to fetch Len and then drove into Loughborough to shopsit for Aziz.  Basil was shivering a bit, even though it was very mild, so we dressed him in his fleece which coordinated well with the polka dot orange bandana that Stacey gave him after she'd finished grooming.

Aziz was back soon today because he didn't stay for the Friday sermon. There seems to be an understanding that all Moslem males should congregate on Friday lunchtimes for prayers. It's a collective activity.

When we got home, Edna rang to ask if we were going to chummy night at the Bowls club, because if so, I needed to bring my own gluten free sarnies.  I'll be popping down to the Coop or Asda to buy some gluten free rolls once I've posted this.

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