Basil and Bedded Tuffs

I don't know why I've suddenly started waking earlier. Maybe it's  because of the two days in the week when I have to put the alarm on to get out. Up before 7 am to a misty morn. Grabbed a couple of cups of tea and two gluten free ginger snaps and decided to take Basil up to Beacon Hill to find out if there were any photo opportunities.

Trees look really mystical in the mist (uh oh!). After walking through the bit of woodland skirting the car park, we hit upon these rocks. Beacon Hill is the site of an ancient volcano from the Precambrian. I can't remember the details of the geological setting but the rocks are highly siliceous and may have formed in a back arc in a destructive plate margin. I probably made that up.

It's thought that the slope of the rocks today echoes the outline of the volcano. 

Basil decided to pose. You should be able to spot his orange bandana that Stacey gave him yesterday.

Half an hour later, the mist was clearing and they sky was blue. On reaching home, I made myself egg, bacon, mushroom and tomatoes as I was so hungry.

Walk to church, where Wendy told us that Colin had been sitting in the coffee area when she arrived for prayers this morning. He had walked. Staggering when you consider he'd had two strokes shortly before Christmas.

Such lovely weather. We threw the windows open to try and expel the smells of winter. Len went to play tennis and I snuggled up in the massage chair in the conservatory and had a nap. Basil was continually seeking a sunny spot in which to sit. When he gave up and went inside, I decided it must be time to get up and do a bit of gardening. Delighted to find that Len had bought a Dutch hoe. Just what I needed to tackle some of the weeds.

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