a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Surreal Prague

This statute of King Wenceslas astride his upside down horse, is a mocking commentary on the past and present leadership of of Prague.  Not far away in Wenceslas Square itself the more famous equestrian statue of the King sits astride his horse (with all four hooves firmly on the ground).  This surreal version hangs from the ceiling of the Lucern Shopping passage, which was close to our hotel.  I love the fact that the horse is sticking its tongue out at us all. :-)

The sculptor is David Černý, who has created a number of other surreal images around the city which are worth looking out for if you visit including the babies crawling their way up the Prague television tower.

It was our last day in Prague and we safely back home now.  In the extras I have given you:

1.  A mono shot of the Velvet Revolution peace sculpture memorial to the students who were attacked and beaten by the communist police desperately trying to hold on to power eight days after the fall of the Berlin Wall.  

2.  A colour shot of an avenue of Linden Trees (I think - hard to be sure at this time of year) in a quiet part of Mala Strana in Prague.

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