Vrolijkheid nature reserve

It was a little cooler today, so I persuaded W, against his better judgement (mad dogs and Englishmen) to go for a short walk in the above named nature reserve (it means happiness).  Walking through the reserve was hot, but they had provided interesting information boards. 

There were three bird hides, overlooking the two small dams, all three facing directly into what we discovered was quite a fierce, gusty wind.  No rarities, but good to see some water birds.  In the above photo there are yellow billed ducks, cape teal (with the pink bills), a blacksmith plover, and over on the right, a three banded plover.

We also saw a black winged stilt (1st extra) with a couple of juveniles, coot, moorhen, and some type of unidentified marten flying at great speed over the water.  

In extras, I've also included a general view over the dam, a rather windblown wagtail, and some equally windblown martens perched on reeds.

Edit - to save on extras, I've combined all the extras into a collage

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