Everyday Life

By Julez

The Lion

I watched last night's rugby today. I've seen better games... We are going to watch Wigan play (v. Hull, at Wigan!) on Sunday for the first time this year. It was touch and go whether we could go, as there was a problem with the "print-at-home" option for the tickets. But they sent them to us first class, and they arrived yesterday - woohoo!

I went to the local shops and Arboretum again. Must be a bit more adventurous once I shake off this cold!

The cold is weird. I ache everywhere, feel washed out and my throat hurts. Other than tingly eyes and nose and a bit of sneezing, that's it! 

I know that the symptoms you get with these things are not from the virus itself, but your body fighting the virus. So if you get something, and your body doesn't fight it for whatever reason - or doesn't put up a very good fight - does that mean your symptoms are less, and the virus is in there quietly doing its own thing? It seems logical, but I really don't know!

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