Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Sherbrook Valley Trees

Do you ever wonder whether you should have stopped at a scene, rather than carrying on to your intended location for a shoot?

Today's experience got me wondering.  Just along the road from home the mists and recession across the fields had me wondering whether to stop.  I reasoned that the conditions up on Cannock Chase would be as good, if not better.  As I drove through the town of the same name I was beginning to think it wasn't the best decision, but as I was also planning on a long walk across the Chase, I persevered.

In the end the conditions were OK, but nothing as good as I'd seen earlier.  I assume that on this occasion the height of the heathland had worked against me and that it was the low lying areas where the radiation fog had formed.  Still the decision was made and it was too late to turn back.  I still spent an enjoyable morning across the Chase.  

One thing I thought worthy of recording was the activity of skylarks on the heathland.  I don't think I can ever remember them being so active this early in the year.  I always associate their call as they shoot up into the air from their nests as spring and summer activity.  They were on fine form this morning.

It was a little galling this evening when my wife remarked about the red glow from the sky as she headed to work!

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