Hiding away in the fog.

This morning was a bit of a contrast to yesterday evenings walk in the sun, As this morning was a foggy one. After a steady start to the morning I took a walk along the river towards town to get a few shots. I decided to go with this shot of the Cathedral trying to hide from me in the fog. While in town I decided to treat myself to a nice hoodie  that has a dragon design on it a possible blip in the future  I had spotted it the other night on my stroll around town in a shop window . I was able to treat myself as this morning i had a nice surprise. I was checking last Wednesdays lottery ticket where I had a lucky dip from getting 2 numbers the week before. I had got 3 numbers and ended up getting £153 which i shared with Julie. The amount was a lot bigger than normal due to no one winning the main prize and it was shared out between all other winners so happy days for me. 
A relaxing evening for me tonight and then fingers crossed an enjoyable trip up to wigan tomorrow for the Rugby League game against Hull.

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