By Teasel

The Apple Store

An early start and time to face up the emails which had been accumulating in my in box while I was off.  I have been through them all, but quite a few still need actioned.  In between, I had to pick up the demands of the day.

I managed a quick run out of the office at lunchtime, to do an errand I should have done yesterday.  It’s so annoying when you go to a shop at lunchtime,. When you don’t have much time and they have hardly any tills in operation, and the ones that are staffed, have a massive queue.

The afternoon was spent trying to organise a couple of meetings.  Just when I thought I had everything sorted the person who was actually making all the arrangements came back with some additional information that meant the dates we had agreed on no longer worked.  Back to the drawing board.  I could never be a diary secretary.

I got home before the boys, who were at BB’s football.  BB seemed to have had a good first day back at school.

I need an early night.

This is the temple of apple, after closing time - an emergency blip.

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