What a grey, damp and miserable day for the last day of the February break.  BB would not have moved from the sofa, nor got out of his pyjamas if I hadn’t made him go out on a rather damp river walk.  He chattered the whole way insisted that we played games.  We stopped off in town to pick a few bits and pieces for lunch before heading home to dry off.

We headed to Dunbar in the afternoon, because I couldn’t think of anything better to do.  It was still very grey.  We had an interesting experience in a haberdashery shop – I was happy to be left to find what I wanted as it was rather more organised than the shop we were in last week, so no rummaging was required. Although I didn’t find exactly what I was after, I found something that will probably do.  We came home via the supermarket and BB did his cello practice.

I had my last ER fix – as we are back to work and school tomorrow, and normal life will be resumed.

This shows the greyness at Dunbar.  The extra shows BB showing off his strength.

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