Blue Trees

Back to school for BB and back to work for me.  I went into the office thinking of the mountain of emails that would be waiting on me.  And I was not disappointed.  I was pleased to be able to delete quite a lot though.  Tomorrow the real work starts.

I had to go to the bookshop at lunchtime to buy a birthday present.  I said to my colleagues I wouldn’t be long ,  there is always too much to look at in a book shop – so I was much longer than I planned.  I got a birthday present, plus two other books!

BB and TT were still at football when I got home tonight.  When they got home, BB told me that lots of people had been poorly over the holidays with coughs.

After yesterday’s greyness, here is a bit of colour in St Andrew’s Square – the Edinburgh Lumen.  It is accompanied by calming music.

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