By Teasel


I wasn’t very focused this morning, but we all got out the door on time, and we even got seats on the train.  I spent the morning in a meeting that was full of acronyms.  I got the gist of the discussions, but spent a lot of time trying to work out what the acronyms stood for.  I rushed back into town to the optician for a  follow up appointment, only to be told they had put it in for tomorrow.  All was not lost though as I was able to pick up my new glasses, and I rearranged my appointment – which now needs to be re-arranged again, as I have double booked myself.

I then rushed back to the office and grabbed some lunch before rushing out with a colleague to a really interesting presentation.  It wasn’t directly relevant to my job, but helped to provide some wider context.  It was then back to the office to sit at my desk and to catch up, with one thing in particular that caused me a lot of stress.  I was glad to leave, but was so late in leaving the office, I had to run all the way to the train – but thankfully I made it.

I got back in time to pick up a very tired BB from badminton.  Unfortunately he had to come home and do some homework.  I de-stressed and tried out my new glasses with an episode of ER.

There were amazing views from the location of my morning meeting, but it wasn’t really appropriate to get my camera out.  I had no further blip opportunities, so here is an emergency blip, taken as I passed through St Andrew’s Square on my way back to the office at lunchtime.

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