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After the race

Today I went to the Corbridge Races. 

It was a beautiful day with far too much sunshine to make a photographer happy. The course is on a hillside and looks south, into the low winter sun. Very atmospheric but the devil to control in the camera!

I had a great time. There were the races, but also the people and the dog watching. I've been hard pressed to choose an image for my blip. This is one of the horses after a race. I suspect the animals are exhausted at this point. After being led around the paddock they are taken off for a quick shower to cool them down.

My first extra shows a close up of a group of riders and the second was a touching moment that I just managed to capture.

Julie came this afternoon. We have booked a 3 day break in London for later in March. We have ideas about which exhibitions we want to see and which shows we might go to. There is a lot of choice, but Don McCulloch is top of the list for me and Dior for Julie. The Dior exhibition is fully booked at the moment but they may make extra tickets available in the middle of the month.

Any recommendations for plays or exhibitions will be gratefully received.

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