Polarnet in the Sunshine

Decided to go to the sea today, one of the quickest places to get to is Setúbal, on the peninsula south of Lisbon. It's a fairly industrial port, not really a beach place, but fascinating. We walked along this beach while the huge cranes unloaded something very dusty from the bowels of the Polarnet, from Istanbul. Filled a bag with bits of colourful broken tiles in greens, blues and yellows, possibly enough for my next border. 

We later drove on to a beautiful little bay, Portinho da Arrábida. And now our batteries are having a problem, so will have to be quick before the electricity runs out again.

- a day out at the seaside with hot sunshine, so good to clear the brain
- the beauty of that coastline, and the good memories we have of that area
- a delicious grilled sea bass, with salad and small potatoes boiled in their skin (fish in Portugal can only be served with boiled potatoes; fried is for meat)

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