Today we went to Wigan to watch the Warriors play Hull. 

Going over there it was quite foggy in places, until we got to the M62. Then it was glorious sunshine and warmth.

We had lunch at Burger King near the ground, then went to the game. We played like idiots for much of it. and what seemed like a handful of away fans outsang the home support easily. But somehow we were still in there at the closing stages, which lifted the fans, and the full time score was 22 all.

Prior to this season, that would have been it - the result would have been called a draw, and the points shared. But a new rule was brought in this year stating that, in the event of a draw a maximum of two  5 minute periods would be played to break the deadlock. It would be on Golden Point basis, meaning first team to score would win. 

Well, after a minute or so the ref awarded Hull a dubious penalty, giving them possession and as soon as they were close enough, they went for a drop-goal, and won the game!

This is the first match where the new rule has come into play, and being on the sharp end of it is gutting! But I daresay we will reap the rewards of it some time  too - you win some, you lose some, as they say.

The journey home brought more fog! In the dark, on the motorway, it was scary. On B roads, with no road-lights, it was both spooky and scary! I'm quite glad I can't drive! I'd have parked up and waited for it to clear I think! The fog was pretty patchy - one minute pea soup, the next clear!

It was good to get home and have a glass of wine!

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