Everyday Life

By Julez

Summer in February

Today has mostly been spent doing mind-numbingly boring housework. I almost lost the will to live at one point, but the bathroom and kitchen have had a good scrub, and the front room and den are tidy, if not actually cleaned. 

Otherwise I have been to Tesco and got my Blip in the Arboretum on the way there. It is so warm and sunny today - apparently the warmest February day on record!

I should really have gone to my parents today, but I was very tired last night and forgot to set my alarm or ask Brian to make sure I was awake when he went to work. I woke up half an hour before I should have been catching the train, and could not face the rush it would have been to make it to the station on time, so I "bunked off!" My cold has pretty much gone now apart from a bit of a cough, but I will put it down to that!

I mislaid my Co-op clubcard a few weeks ago, and ended up cancelling it. A new one arrived last week. Today I found the old one, along with a £10 note in the front pocket of my camera case! The tenner was a lovely surprise at least!

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