The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Helena and Lynda

These are my two daughters (well step-daughters actually but to me they feel like daughters.) Helena lives here in Bellingham so I see her regularly. We love to do girly things together like shopping for clothes or having ice cream for dinner. ;-) Lynda lives in Sant Cruz, CA. She's here visiting for a week celebrating her sister's birthday and hanging out with family. This evening she met Shelly for the first time. We all drove down to Anacortes to spend the evening with my brother Dave and my sister-in-law Nora and close friends Rick and Judy. We were there to eat a delicious dinner and watch the oscars. We all dressed up and got our pictures taken on the runway, a wall hanging the D&N found somewhere. It was fun. And we ate dinner in courses as we taped and watched the show. I really enjoyed it this year. I'm thinking maybe they should continue not having a master of ceremonies. The show moved faster and the presenters seemed to have a bit more presence. It was good. I really like "The Green Book" and felt it deserved the best picture Oscar. By the time we finished dinner and the show it was late. I drove everybody home and didn't get to bed until after 1:00 am. Had a great time so what the heck. :) Shelly and I are in the extra photo. Check out Shelly's tie. It's one I got for him in Africa.

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