In Which Hot Lips Has Tacos for Breakfast!

So I've admitted that winter weather makes me hungry. I've been consoling myself in the past week or so with breakfast out. And on this day, I added another notch to my belt: I had two tacos for breakfast at the Taco Bell on College Ave.

I can't say that the tacos were premeditated, though when I packed my lunch for work, I DID grab three small containers of salsa, sour cream, and shredded cheddar. Just in case, you know . . . yeah, girl, just in case of TACOS.

So I exited my bus on College Ave. And with a hop, skip, and a jump, I found myself in a totally empty Taco Bell - see for yourself, there's the photo up top - having my own little party, snarfing down tacos like there was no tomorrow.

I probably used too much diablo sauce; my lips were on fire by the time I was finished. Yes, you may call me Hot Lips if you like, for they sure were HOT when I was done!

You may see a photo of my messy taco delights in the extras. Just two standard hard-shell tacos, spiced up with my own additions. Is there any more nutritious way for a girl to start her day? Well, no. No, I think not. . . . :-)

A song for a girl with sizzling lips: the Go-Go's, with Our Lips Are Sealed.

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