A day in the life

By Shelling


The weather was so extraordinary today that I took the long seven km walk through the forest, out on "Alvaret" and back again. I promise, there wasn't even a wind strong enough to move a leaf of an aspen. I barely dared to breathe not to disturb the silence and the stillness. The path through the forest leads along a very old stone wall and I always stop to have a look at the beautiful moss growing there. It's deep green colors changes every time depending on the time of the year and the present light. Today it had a a deep, thick green nuance, hardly recovered by my iPhone camera but I trust your imagination. To prove my point of the stillness I give you an extra, one of my reflection photos.

Todays second extra is there just to celebrate the event of having this years first lunch outside. Brilliant weather, brilliant lunch, brilliant feeling inside.
Yes, I know, it's only February. There's going to be more snowstorms, slush and rain before the real spring is here, but today was a strong promise of times to come and I can't help getting extra happy on days like today.

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