A day in the life

By Shelling


So, we have snow. Only two days after my first spring meal out. It won't last long and it won't be of any use for people with skiing ambitions, but now it's there I better enjoy it.

My old colleague Eva and me had our second gig in front of an audience of elderly people in an old peoples home in Kalmar tonight. I forgot to take any pictures but the event was moving and went very well. We've decided to send a leaflet out to more similar places to see if anyone else is interested in what we offer. Eva is reciting poetry and I play songs connected to the poet or the words. That's it. The trick is to find the right blend of emotions and finding out what works with this kind of audience, people from 75 and upwards, often with dementia, strokes or other serious illnesses. It feels important to give it a try, both for them and us.

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