By AH14

Badbury Rings Sheep

Isn't this weather amazing? I wasn't able to meet with my Wednesday friends today but the weather was too glorious not to go out for a short walk! I chose Badbury Rings, being not too far away and easy to do a circuit and not get carried away with walking too far and then having a long walk back. I was wearing my super-warm 'sleeping bag' coat - big mistake - I was roasting! Other walkers were in short-sleeved tops and I even saw someone in a pair of shorts!

There were sheep grazing and meandering freely (wild?) in amongst the trees. I have lots of lovely sheep portraits but this seemed more appropriate for both Wild Wednesday and Wide Wednesday ('wide' in the 'tall' sense, if that makes sense.....). The theme for Wide Wednesday is 'in the sky' - well, those trees look to me like they are reaching up into the sky!

The afternoon was largely functional - a few things ticked off the 'to do' list. Just thought I'd mention that in case you think I spend my whole life out with my camera :)) And this evening has been spent chatting and drinking coffee at the home of some friends - lovely and relaxing!

Today's blip for my b&w journal

I cannot thank you enough for all your loveliness for the past few days' blips - you have been more than generous! I've had some wonderful opportunities for photography this week - it's not every day I get chance to photograph red squirrels and kingfishers! And today there was a kestrel posing for me in a tree - I've included him as an extra.

Ann :))

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