Wall Of Colour

An unusual kind of day but one that turned out to be most pleasurable! 

It started with a lovely time at church, after which I was planning to head to the plot of land that the church have bought to photograph the progress of clearing some of the land. Well, that turned out to be for only a very brief few minutes because I was called upon to perform 'nana' duties at short notice because the usual child care was without water..... So I took a few record shots of the grounds (they're doing a great job and it definitely can't be easy, especially in these low temperatures!) and also this one and a couple of others in the main derelict building. I feel it's important to preserve a record of how it is now and each step along the path towards the ultimate goal of a new church and centre that will serve many people - it is such a fascinating place!

The rest of the day was spent enjoying the company of my little granddaughter. Precious times!

No snow here yet, although it's mighty cold..... unless you count the occasional flurry that filled the air a couple of times. I admit I'd like a bit of ground cover, as it's such a rare event around here!

I'm surprised and thrilled at how much you liked yesterday's blip - your generosity has sent it to Page One - thanks you so much!

Stay warm!

Ann :))

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