Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Just for the record.

While up at Fire Service H.Q. in the training  dept. "Rolly" once said:-
"Who, in their right mind, in this country would make a FLAT roof?"
I must admit Chris's has lasted a while in that I cant remember seeing it done since we came here in 1987 - BUT - since they came, "didit" and left, within the day I suppose not seeing them is NO criterion.
It was WednesDAY, as opposed to WednesNIGHT, but upon return I realised at least a couple or three things.
1st. Criterion - how likely am I to be able to repeat the shot - not very.
2nd.Criterion - Do I need a record of it - maybe not for Chris, but for me?
3rd. Criterion - Have I done it before - yes - at least once in the last month, in fact one was an almost identical macro of a Helebore; to such an extent it might, but for the obvious time gap, have been the same flower. Being a garden centre, we tend to go mad on flower macros so a macro was on the cards.
Ergo - Plan B under criterion 2.
"The Health & safety at work, etc. Act 1974" ( Let us NOT forget the etc.) sprang to mind. In this day and age I'd have thought anything above knee-height required scaffolding; and as for the gas cylinder up a ladder?

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