By mollyblobs

Hairy-footed Flower-bee

Another unseasonably warm day, divided up between data entry and gardening. I spotted several hairy-footed flower-bees on our Pulmonaria flowers, all eager to sup nectar. I saw my first male on 14th February when Pete and I were having our Valentine's Day lunch but I was still surprised to see a female today, very early in the year. In 2018 I didn't see any of either sex until 25th March, thanks to the Beast from the East. 

We also spotted the first frogspawn, the earliest we've had for several years. I hope we don't get another cold snap now that spring seems to have got itself into gear.

I went for a short dusk walk to the Rowing Lake. The air was warm and the catkins of the purple willow were humming with queen buff-tailed bumblebees and honey bees. I stood and watched the sun go down next to the sweetly-scented cherry-plum tree (see extra) - beautiful!

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