Moroccan Coffee Pot, Medjool Dates and Goat Willow

I should be packing for an early morning flight to Scotland tomorrow, but I've become distracted. Wearing my waterproof trousers around the house and am relieved that they feel slightly looser.

I wanted to take this photo today so that Len can take the coffee pot back to Aziz at lunch time. 

I am looking for my photo filters and am hoping that they're under a pile of stuff on the bedroom floor awaiting packing. Otherwise I'm a bit stuck.

I'm taking the Fuji kit. It's smaller and lighter than Canon AND it's waterproof.

Saw on Twitter that Mark Littlejohn and Julian Calverley expect to be on Harris next week. I wonder if I'll say anything if I bump into them?

Lovely murky day today. Just right for a walk in the woods but packing is first priority.

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