By chantler63

Malvern Abbey

Having spent all day in the hotel called The Abbey with the real abbey just outside the window, it seemed only right to blip the actual abbey.

I decided to come along to the RPS group conference for Landscape photography. I have had a very interesting day although I am not convinced that there will be any improvement in my landscape photography! I don't think I'll ever make a Landscape photographer as I don't like early mornings and am not prepared to carry a ton of kit on my back on a very long trek up a mountain!

One speaker today was Steve Caplin who says he is a digital artist rather than a photographer. He is a wizard with Photoshop and showed some of the new tools introduced recently. I can't wait to give these a try but I'll need to look at a few video tutorials first as Steve only presented the bare minimum in the time he had. Exciting potential though.

A couple of speakers at the conference tomorrow morning and then we'll head for home. John and Pepper have been on a long walk today but the weather forecast is foul for tomorrow so there's no point in hanging around for more walking.

Our Motorhome is being buffeted by the wind and we'll be rocked to sleep tonight. We are, though toasty warm and dry inside.

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