6 years of Blipping

Tomorrow 6 years ago (well, technically speaking 6 years minus the leap year day in between ago) I started on this Blip adventure with a shot of the dome of the Africa museum in Tervuren (Belgium). I'm now 2190 days further (the museum has closed, been revamped and has just opened again in the mean time, but we're not in Belgium any more) and I have 2190 Blips and days to remember, thanks to the idea of Joe Tree, and thanks later to the Fab 4 and their helpers.

Thanks to all who follow, view and comment, leave stars and even hearts to my Blips. You're all stars !

I thought the koru spiral on a souvenir winestopper looked like a 6 , I've photographed that on a colourful gift bag and have then mixed that image with the original of my very first Blip. I didn't think 6 years ago I would still be here, or be able to Blip 6 years later, but so far, so good ! So using a koru (which is a symbol of growth and regeneration) seems apt.
Thank you again !

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