Running away with the circus?

Today's the day in the Dutch Southern provinces that the mayors of towns and villages will have to turn over their power to the Carnival Princes and Princesses for 4 days to come. We watched the small parade of our village Prince Carnival and his entourage in floats and vehicles (unfortunately in a shower) as they drove up to the village hall to meet the mayor. Everybody seemed ready for the 4 day party and happy enough (even when the car of the Carnival village constable had to stop because the motor was overheating). Here's an image of the Carnival fire brigade, shooting white confetti instead of water. I did wonder why the little boy was running after it. Hopefully the weather on Monday when the big parade with floats is on will be much better !

In other news I've managed to look at all almost 90 entries for last week's Abstract Thursday and have even been able to choose 5 specials. This coming Thursday is the first of the month and so as usual there won't be a theme and you are free to post any kind of abstract that you like, as long as it was taken/made on that day and you had fun making it ! The tag will be AT193

Here are the last week's specials:
Doyley22           for a dreamy gum flower abstract
LesleyAlsford   for a landscape in a soft ICM blur
Maya4040        for a real actual abstract painting
Kate64              for a great abstract tulip
loulou164         for a colourful paint studio image

Thank you for all the painterly creations !

Thanks so much for your kind comments and stars for yesterday's pieris flowers :-)

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