By Ingeborg


Seven continents, seven seas, seven days in the week, seven stages of mankind, seven (deadly) sins, seven sisters, seven of hearts ...

I never knew 7 had so much symbolism. Funnily enough there where 7 seems to be highly valued within the West and Christianity, in the East it's not directly seen as a positive number. But I did remember an interesting old Chinese tradition, scholarly gentlemen practised the '7 Fine Arts', which were: calligraphy, painting, playing the lute, playing checkers, writing poems, drinking wine and cultivating flowers. Great pastimes and I really like the idea of drinking wine being a fine art ;-)

So, 7 years of Blipping each and every day, with a minimum of backblips, 7 years of collecting memories, not just for me but for mine, as when I started to Blip on 5 March 2013 I didn't think I'd make it to 2020. That I'm still here and blipping means so far I seem to have eluded the diagnosis. Keeping a Blip journal has certainly helped with keeping hope.

7 years of seeing, reading, caring and sharing within this wonderful Blip community where being excellent is not just a quote but a true goal. Thank you very much to Joe Tree for starting this, to the Fab 4 Plus for keeping Blipfoto alive and to all the Blipper friends for seeing, reading, commenting and caring.

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