By Kipsie

Churros in the morning, churros in the evening ...

Churros any time of day, except when you want to try them as they're on your list of culinary firsts. Too late (sold out), too early(we make them in the early evening), ... well, we eventually spotted a busy little cafe in the middle of old Coín town serving coffee & churros. Horray!  The Senor of the establishment was making them in a huge fryer behind the counter, while the Senora was taking the weight off her feet & catching up on the gossip. Not sure if these were as good as they get, as they were very greasy, not quite what I was expecting, but then I guess it's a bit like buying doughnuts in UK .. they don't always hit the spot. Still I've ticked them off my list, for now. :)

This photo was taken last year btw, although the sun is shining here in my little neck of the woods, here in Devon,in between the showers, but it's a good few degrees lower than Coín, Spain, last July.

My ground is still covered over on the allotment so that was a nice surprise when I went up to check this morning. Off loaded all mum's curtains in the material/fabric recycle container in the car park so that's another job ticked off.

Next job which I keep putting off is making some envelope cushion covers for a friend. Never made them before but what could possibly go wrong.

Speaking of going wrong I did have a rather fraught time on the Lloyd's bank customer service line yesterday. Well, 3 fraught times actually, or was it 4. I lost count in the end. I'm not sure where their staff are based, but I have to be honest and say that I don't always catch exactly what they are saying/telling me to do, so I have to ask them to repeat the command. Then when I actually got what they wanted me to do I'd forgotten my own mobile number.  .. & the more I tried to remember it the more I got it wrong .. Modern technology v Senior moment/30mins eh! LOL!!

Right I'm off to do this sewing ................. See ya!

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