Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


No prizes for guessing where I went today!  I have now had enough of this cold/cough and feeling “one or even three degrees under” - it’s time for me to “get over myself”!

I rang the surgery and managed to get an appointment at 10.15 to see a lady doctor - unfortunately, she was running half an hour late, but I was pleased to be able to see a doctor today, so no problem there.

Dr. P had a young student in with her, which was fine with me, and she did temperature, heart and oxygen checks and also listened to my wheezing chest.  The resultant diagnosis is that I have a chest infection, for which she has given me antibiotics, so hopefully that will knock this whole thing on the head.  I have just taken my first capsule, after spending 10 minutes reading the leaflet supplied with the capsules.  Quite honestly, I know they have to say “all that stuff”, but it left me feeling that perhaps I should have not wasted her time and kept doing what I was doing!

Interestingly, we watched about twelve people go through the door to see either a doctor or nurse and not one of them used the “Hand Hygiene Point” - so it’s no wonder germs keep going round and around!

Anyway, that’s quite enough whingeing about this cold and hacking cough - I am now going to shut up about it, get on with my life and hopefully get back to blipping and commenting.

I apologise for not commenting for the last few days, but thank you to everyone who has sent kind messages - I am very grateful.  However, I am not going to try and go back throughout last week looking at the Blips I missed, but will start again from today.

“Almost everything will work again 
     if you unplug it for a few minutes, 
          including you.”
Anne Lamott

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